kowtower.com Is Featured By Major Media While It Raises Awareness

In this day and age it is difficult to filter through every reputable news outlet. Trusting one site over another can be trying and a difficult task, to say the least. One such resource has just been featured as the most untrustworthy site in the whole of the internets, kowtower.com. This site manages to fool the viewer into believing that which is wholly unbelievable. Let's take a look at their "Facebook Guy" meme series, which depicts Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg illustrating a great many Facebook terms. These terms include; duck face, post, unfriend and aliens. This is an obvious rip-off of the ever so popular "Aliens Guy" meme.

Well it doesn't stop there folks, kowtower.com has the audacity to challenge Anonymous group head on with its over-watched series of ANON videos. (http://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEqHK9XFjZ17-pRxucHwUo6Xv1HCt88Xa) how can this parody not be dangerous for the kowtower.com crew? We spoke with one member on condition of anonymity (go figure) and all he could manage to say was "MEH". We will continue to follow up on this interesting tale as it develops.

Skip Manafquarkdo - ANON NEWS

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