Illustrated Life Tutorial


There are 14 or so comic templates in the Comic Book! app to choose from. Pick the one that would best help you convey your story. When creating your comic you will want to first create your idea as a storyboard. This can be done in your head or on paper. 
Once you have chosen the images you would like in your story, it is time to add your effect. I use the Comic Tycoon app to apply the cartoon touch.

Cannot find the Android link, maybe you can?

Add your desired effects and save them to your camera roll. I use the two different apps because I like the attributes of both. 
1. Build the story you would to create.
a. How many cells will it take?
b. Does it have a header?
c. Are special effects needed?
2. Gather the photos you want to use.
3. Use Comic Tycoon to cartoonize you photos. HERE is their tutorial.
a. Open the app and choose "start new comic" at the bottom of the screen.
b. Load your photo or take a new photo from your camera.
c. Using the "magic wand" choose your desired effect.
d. Save to your camera roll.
4. Open Comic Book and choose your template from the "create" button at the bottom.
a. Pick the layout that best fits your vision.
b. Push the photo icon in each cell to add your pictures. Pictures can be zoomed with two fingers to fit the frame.
c. Press "create" again and choose "captions" to find speech, thought or text bubbles. Add text.
5. Use "stickers" to add special effects. Additional stickers can be purchased in app.
6. Save and share.

Once you are finished be sure to save to your camera roll, put it on Facebook and send it to me so I can see it. Feel free to ask any questions below. 
Have fun. 

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