Aspergers / Autism Is No Barrier For This Enterprising Young Man

Brian "Scoop" Nemeth has just introduced his Indiegogo campaign to fund his latest project - Women's Swimwear. What is special about this is that Scoop suffers from Aspergers. Known for walking the streets of Colorado Springs, Colorado selling his poetry, Scoop is no stranger to self promotion.

Here's what he has to say:

"How would you like help fight the social stigma of people with mental disabilities? It’s a stereotype that mental disability sufferers can’t hold down jobs, and they have to rely on monetary resources (SSI, Stafford loans for college, food stamps and medicaid). It takes courage for people with mental disabilities (including Aspergers sufferers) open a small business, and be able to support themselves. But, I’m sure you’re wondering, who could make such a statement like that?
I’m Scoop Nemeth, and I’m an Aspergers sufferer. I’m trying to break out of government monetary assistance and be able to support myself. I’m working up the courage to open a small business, so I can help fight the stereotypes that people put on mental disability sufferers.
What is the business I’m starting up? It’s a new kind of retail store that creates jobs, and it supports a small business economy and a healthy lifestyle. That retail store is…

View his video HERE.
View his campaign HERE

He is well on his way to a $75,000 goal. Let's help him achieve it.

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