Greeting all Terrans, visiting dignitaries, passing vessels, and incognito observers! 

The Crop Circle Cantina is on its return course after a long tour of the galactic rim. We set our course for our traditional rendezvous site in the barren beige dust,   As we began to wake from our stasis pods, klaxons alerted us that the Xpat Aliens vessel was in jeopardy. We  are dangerously low in the rarified elements that keep our missions fueled.  Our delloranium is irreplaceable and fawntonite is stretched thin. The holding tanks for the essential compounds for our mind bending concoctions are as dry as a bantha rider's tongue. The reservoir of aged lizard squeezings is depleted.

But our biggest issue is that we are dangerously over loaded and don’t have room to take on more vital supplies. Our years of travels have meant that we have collected a mighty array of widgets and wonderments from around the universe. Our cargo holds are overloaded with spoils. Even the cushions of our crash couches are uncomfortably lumpy with bits and baubles. We need to disperse all these excesses, and that is where you can help!

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